Oxblood – Leather Dye


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3 fl. oz / 88.72 ml, comes with one applicator/dauber. 

*One 3 oz. bottle of dye is more than enough to dye one pair of shoes.


For best results, make sure article is clean before application. Remove the factory finish with leather prep before applying leather dyes. Most leather articles have a silicone finish applied at the factory which may cause leather dyes to not uniformly absorb into leather, so be sure to remove the factory finish first!


1. Clean shoes with Leather Prep.

2. Dampen the leather with a spray bottle filled with water.

3. Apply two coats of dye evenly

4. Allow to dry for several hours. Re-apply dye if necessary.

5. Polish with Angelus Shoe Wax Polish.

6. Clean up equipment with soap and warm water.

Do not dye shoes on feet. Allow 4-8 hours before wearing. For smooth leather only. Water based, odorless.

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