Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit


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About Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit

The Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit is the ideal solution for repairing damage and restoring colour to leather steering wheels.

Steering wheels are one of the most common areas of wear, damage and colour loss in any car interior. Constant contact with the skin of the hands inevitably leads to a build-up of dirt and grease in the leather. Exposure to sunlight over long periods leads to colour fading over time, and scuffs and scrapes from exiting and entering the car are an all too common cause of damage.

In order to repair and restore a worn, damaged or faded leather steering wheel effectively, you need a specialist set of products. Our Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit has been put together specifically for that purpose, combining multiple professional grade products into one handy kit. With an easy-to-follow set of instructions, the kit provides professional results but is designed with the DIY user in mind.

Containing a powerful liquid-form leather degreaser to remove any grease build up that may have penetrated the leather and an alcohol-based cleaner, to effectively clean down the surface of the leather, cleaning up your steering wheel is a breeze. Leather Binder strengthens the leather, particularly in areas of wear and damage and the Base Colour is used to restore the colour and finish.

Steering wheels are the most used, but often the most neglected part of any leather car interior. Restore yours to top condition today with our great value Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit!

Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit is Suitable For

The kit is suitable for the restoration of any black leather steering wheel in any model or brand of car.

Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit Coverage and Shelf Life

Each kit provides enough product to completely repair and restore a single leather steering wheel.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.


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